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Technology Update 2021-22

Orono Schools is committed to ensuring that all students have access to the digital tools and resources that will enable them to receive the best possible educational experience. This document provides some detailed information around the use of technology during the 2021-22 school year. We will be deploying devices to all students K-5 and will be continuing to offer Chromebooks to students in grades 6-12 who do not wish to bring their own device.

Many of the steps below require access to MyPaymentsPlus. If you do not have an account yet, please visit the Orono Schools MyPaymentsPlus webpage to create an account.

Acceptable Use Policy

This year, we are asking that all families read and agree to the Orono School’s Acceptable Use Policy.  This policy supports keeping students safe and secure while using various digital resources, school issued devices and accessing content over the internet.  Please visit MyPaymentsPlus → Events and Activities → Technology to sign and submit the acceptable use policy.

Go to MyPaymentsPlus

Schumann Elementary and Orono Intermediate School

Once again, the Orono Technology Department will be providing school-issued devices to students.  The school-issued device has access to a number of applications, subscriptions and safety features that are necessary for teachers to provide a high-quality learning experience to all students.  

Orono Schumann Elementary:  All students will be issued a school-owned and managed iPad. The iPad will come with a charger and a case.  Returning students will bring their iPads from last year to school on the first day.

Orono Intermediate School:  All students will be issued a school-owned and managed Chromebook. The Chromebook will come with a charger and a case.  Students entering third grade will return their iPads from 2nd grade and will be issued a new Chromebook.

Orono Middle School and Orono High School Students

At the secondary level, there are two options for families to access a device: check out a school-owned device or Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

School Owned Annual Checkout

Orono Schools has Chromebooks available for any student in grades 6-12 to check out for the year if the family does not want to purchase their own device.  If you would like to borrow a device from the school, please visit the media center on the first day of school to pick up a school issued device.

Bring Your Own Device

We recommend that you shop around to see if there is a device that might meet your needs.  Some stores, such as Costco or Sam’s Club, offer additional 1-2 year warranties for free or have discounted prices from other retailers.  Please reach out to if you have questions.

Recommended Device Requirements

Device Requirements

Best Buy Coupon Program (incoming 6th and 9th grade students)

In the BYOD program, families are responsible for purchasing and providing a device for their child. We are excited to be continuing our partnership with Best Buy again this year.  Families with children entering 6th and 9th grade will get $100 off a selected device through the Best Buy Webstore.

Information about the Best Buy Coupon Program

To request a coupon code, submit your information on the
Best Buy Coupon Form

Bring Your Own Device – Orono Technology Support Consent

Orono has trained staff members that are able to offer diagnostic and troubleshoot advice to support students who run into issues with their device.  By providing consent, you are allowing members of the Orono Technology Department to provide troubleshooting steps and support on your child’s device.  If a member of the Orono Technology Department is unable to resolve the issue, they will recommend next steps.  This consent only needs to be completed once during your enrollment in Orono Public Schools.  In addition to providing consent, you are also releasing Orono Public Schools from any liability while working on the device.

Without consent, families will be responsible for solving personal device issues with a vendor of their choice.

Visit MyPaymentsPlus → Events and Activities → Technology to provide consent.

Orono Technology Support ConsentGo to MyPaymentsPlus

School-Issued Devices

Optional Insurance Program

Orono Public Schools provides each elementary student with a Chromebook or iPad and each secondary student a Chromebook that requests one.  These devices meet the requirements necessary to support instruction and learning in and out of  the classroom.  Because the device is used on a regular basis and is transported to and from school, we know that accidents sometimes happen.  We do offer families the opportunity to purchase optional insurance.  Please review the Optional Device Insurance document for more information.

Visit MyPaymentsPlus → Events and Activities → Technology and accept or decline insurance for your school issued device.  Secondary families that bring their own device, should not purchase school insurance.

Optional School Owned Device Insurance: Go to MyPaymentsPlus

HelloID – Our New SSO

We are excited to be launching a new Single Sign On portal for students and staff.  This portal will provide students will a secure and quick way to access all of their digital resources needed during the school year.  Please watch the video below for instructions on how to login and use the portal.


Please visit the Orono Schools Technology Website for more information. You can also contact us via email: