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K-5 Program & Services

The Challenge teachers work in conjunction with classroom teachers to provide a continuum of services including:

  • Differentiated instruction in regular classrooms
  • Classroom clustering of students (K-4)
  • 6-8 week pull-out groups to develop critical/creative thinking
  • Full year pull-out program to supplement math and/or language arts instruction
  • Enriched sections in math and language arts beginning in 5th grade
  • Grade-level acceleration and individual programming

Students are identified and grouped according to their specific academic needs.

Tier 1 Services

  • Students Served:  20-25% per grade level
  • Services:  Classroom Adaptations
  • General Profile: 90-95 NPR

Tier 2 Services

  • Students Served:  10-15% per grade level
  • Services:  Classroom Adaptations and Direct service (pull-out/advanced sections)
  • General Profile: 96+ NPR

Tier 3 Services

  • Students Served:  1-2 % per grade level
  • Services:  Classroom Adaptations, Direct Service (pull-out / advanced sections), and Acceleration / Individualized Program
  • General Profile: 99+ NPR

Additional Challenge Opportunities

Fairs & Festivals

Imagination Fair
Academy Awards of Literature

Community Education

Foreign Language classes
Science Explorers
Summer Enrichment classes


Fermi Math
Math Masters
Continental Math League


Special Speakers
District 287 Enrichment Classes
Young Authors’ Conference
Destination Imagination