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Gifted and Talented


The mission of the Orono Gifted Education Program is to provide an array of services and a variety of challenging experiences and opportunities that aid gifted and talented students in discovering and fully developing their unique talents.


In support of the Mission, the Orono Public Schools Gifted Education Program embraces the following beliefs about gifted learners:

  • Gifted and talented students have the potential and/or demonstrated ability to learn, think and achieve at high performing levels in areas such as intellectual, academic, creative, artistic and/or leadership fields.
  • Gifted learners require services and activities that support a rigorous and relevant curriculum delivered in a flexible, supportive and differentiated instructional environment.
  • Consistent interaction with similar gifted and talented peer learners facilitates gains in academic and affective development for gifted children.
  • Gifted students may have unique social and emotional needs related to their giftedness that should be recognized and addressed in order to decrease the risk of academic underachievement and/or social difficulties.
  • Ongoing evaluation of student’s academic progress through multiple assessments and criteria is important for identification and progress monitoring.
  • Instruction in resilience, risk-taking, self-reflection and evaluation, as well as independence in learning are essential in the development of gifted and talented learners.
  • Gifted learners require guidance and active participation in personal goal setting and future planning.
  • The education of gifted learners is a collaborative effort between students, family, school personnel and the Orono community.


Students will be able to acquire and apply advanced knowledge and skills in such areas as:

  • the academic core
  • fine and performing arts
  • critical thinking, problem solving

Students will be able to appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses as demonstrated in:

  • comfort with risk-taking (cognitive and affective)
  • resilience
  • willingness to be challenged
  • pride in achievement

Students will be able to exhibit that they are socially and psychologically adaptable in such areas as:

  • sense of responsibility to selves and society
  • respect for individual differences
  • application of knowledge and skills in social contexts
  • comfort in working independently

Students will be able to think independently and be self-directed learners and creative problem solvers as evidenced in their:

  • career focus
  • realistic life plans
  • values identification


Corinna Graner, Director of Special Services