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Questions about the new center? We have the answers!

If voters approved funding for the center, why are there additional membership fees?

Voter-approved funding was used to construct the facility. There are operating costs to run the Activities Center, mainly expenses related to staffing and utilities. Memberships fees and facility rental fees are used to cover the operational costs of the facility.

Can I receive reimbursement from my health insurance provider?

The Orono Activities Center is pleased to honor insurance reimbursement programs including, but not limited to, those offered by HealthPartners, BlueCross BlueShield Minnesota, Medica and PreferredOne. Go to to see if your insurance provider participates and, if so, what the rules of participation are 

Why purchase a membership now when the center doesn’t open until February 2?
All individuals and families who sign up before February 2 will be considered “Founding Members.” The benefit of being a Founding Member is that your membership rate will never increase. (*Some restrictions apply.)

And, while you will be charged now, your membership renewal will not come due until February 2020.

If my child is open enrolled, does my family qualify for the resident rate?

The student (or students) open enrolled in the district are eligible for the resident student individual rate ($100 per year for ages 14-21).

Memberships for families with open enrollment students are at the non-resident rate ($460 per year). The basis for this pricing is because district property owners (residents) are also helping to pay for construction costs through property taxes. Open enrollment families (non-residents) are not making this investment.

However, both residents and non-residents are eligible for Founding Membership pricing if memberships are purchased by February 2. That means the price would never go up. Memberships purchased now, before the center opens, do not renew until February 2020. .

Does my membership fee include the swimming pool?

Yes, lap swim hours and open swim hours in the pool are included in your membership. Visit the Aquatics link to see those schedules.

Your membership also includes access to the outdoor running/walking track in Pesonen Stadium.

Am I able to suspend my membership during the summer?
Memberships are sold on an annual basis. The Activities Center will be open all year long, including the summer, so memberships will continue through the summer months.
Is daycare available while I work out?
Due to the complex licensing requirements associated with providing a daycare service, we are unable to provide it at this time.
Will children under age 14 be allowed to use the center?
Children under the age of 14 will be allowed to use the courts and track if supervised by a parent. They will not have access to the fitness center or weight room.
How do I register for fitness classes?
You can register for all fitness classes offered at the Activities Center in person at the front desk, or online at Fitness classes are not included in the cost of a membership.