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Reconstruction of Old Crystal Bay Rd. begins

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Road Update
The construction on Old Crystal Bay Road is in full swing. Crews are digging the trench for the new water main. During the day, motorists could potentially not be allowed to drive down Old Crystal Bay Road from Wayzata Boulevard (County Road 112) to County Road 6. If you want to access Orono High School or Orono Middle School, it is best to come from the north off County Road 6. If your destination is Orono Schumman Elementary, Orono Intermediate School or the District Office, it is better to come from the south off Wayzata Boulevard. These restrictions will continue through the summer until school begins.  
In order to improve safety and traffic flow, the City of Orono will be reconstructing Old Crystal Bay Road between Sixth Avenue North (Country Road 6) to Wayzata Boulevard (County Road 112 or Old Highway 12) over the summer.

The road will be widened with new water main and storm sewer. Pedestrian crossing routes and turn lanes are also included in the project.

The project will be divided into four phases:

  • Phase 1 – June 13-July 25
    Sixth Avenue North to Orono High School and Orono Middle School entrances
  • Phase 2 – June 26-August 17
    High school and middle school entrances to Schumann Elementary entrance
  • Phase 3 – July 13-August 31
    Elementary school to Wayzata Boulevard
  • Phase 4 – TBD
    Resurfacing/paving, striping, installing electrical poles, turf restoration and landscaping. All of this work will be done with the road open to traffic.

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Restrictions specific to Orono Schools Campus

Because the road improvements include changes to school parking lots, and construction will also be continuing on the Indoor Activities Center, there will be further restrictions on campus.

Pesonen Stadium is currently closed each day until 4 p.m. to allow construction of Orono Spartan Plaza and surfacing of the gravel road. After 4 p.m., access is limited to the gate located near the shot put area. The press box will remain closed all summer.

For access to the stadium, please park in the high school’s north parking lot and walk toward the varsity baseball field (temporary discus location). Walk between the baseball field outfield fence and the orange construction fence. Follow the orange fence to the shot put gate.

Absolutely no vehicles or golf carts are allowed on the gravel road beyond the “road closed” signs.

The south end of Orono High School will be closed for the summer. This includes the gymnasium and locker rooms, fine arts area, Fenholt Auditorium and mezzanine.

The south parking lot is also closed for the summer. It is being used to stage equipment and contractor parking.

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We appreciate your patience and support. The inconveniences this summer will result in a safer campus, improved traffic flow and a new facility and plaza of which the community can be proud.