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Bus Transportation

Bus transportation to and from Orono Schools is provided and available to all students within district boundaries. However, students who have been issued a parking pass will not be assigned to a bus route unless First Student Transportation is contacted. Call 952-449-8309 if you wish to make bus service arrangements.

Students Driving to School

Students in grades 10-12 with no outstanding obligations (fees, fines, book returns, equipment/uniform returns, parking tickets, disciplinary issues) and a valid Minnesota driver’s license may apply for a parking permit. OHS students who park on school district property must annually purchase and properly display an OHS parking permit.

Helpful documents:

  1. 2021-22 Student driving and parking information
  2. Flyer announcing the 2021-22 Parking Pass application process

Drop Off and Pick Up by Parents

We encourage students to ride the bus to reduce traffic congestion. However, it is understood that riding the bus is not always possible. If you need to drop off or pick up your child, we ask for your cooperation with the following procedures.

These guidelines reflect our top priority – the safety and welfare of your child. Please understand that when necessary, these procedures place safety as a priority over convenience.

  • Use the right lane in the designated drop-off/pick-up area; the left lane is for exiting.
  • Do NOT drop off or pick up students anywhere in the parking lot.
  • Allow students to exit your vehicle only on the curb side (passenger side).
  • Exit the drop off area cautiously.
  • If you need to enter the building, park your vehicle in a designated parking spot.

Additional information may be found on the district’s transportation page. Building transportation decisions are guided by the Student Transportation Safety Policy (#709).

If you are looking for a lost and found item, or a late bus, please contact the bus terminal at 952-475-0038.