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Steps to School Readiness

Simple Steps to Kindergarten

1.  Before the ABC’s – ECFE!     Birth to Age 4

School Readiness begins at birth! Early Childhood Family Education classes are for ALL parents with
children ages birth to Kindergarten. Join a Parent-Child class to help you “set the stage” for your child’s future.

2.  Practice Preschool    Ages 2 – 3

This program starts your 2 or 3 year old on the track to Preschool. Highly experienced teachers encourage individual and group success in the classroom through carefully planned activities.

3.  Preschool    Ages 3 – 5

The Orono School’s Preschool program, complete with licensed teachers and coordinated with Orono Kindergarten expectations.  Two, three or four day per week class options.

3½.  Early Childhood Screening    Ages 3 – 4

Early Childhood Screening is required in Minnesota for entrance into a public school.  Ideally, children participate in screening between the ages of 3 – 4. Don’t wait – brain development research shows earlier is better!

4.  Pre-K Enrichment    Ages 4 – 5

Great classes with opportunities for you to further prepare your child for the start of Kindergarten.

5.  Kindergarten    Age 5 by September 1

Ready for Kindergarten in the Orono Schools! Welcome Spartans!