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World Language Program

For students in Kindergarten – 8th grade

University Language Center (ULC)

ULC is a Minneapolis based language school providing instruction to students of all ages. Instructors are trained using the latest in language acquisition research and teaching methods. All ULC instructors have the language proficiency of an educated native speaker, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in languages, education or a related field and practical teaching experience with children. Class size ranges from 10-14 students per section.  Children will be grouped by grade level and proficiency. Class options are subject to change based on enrollment.

For more information visit the University Language Center website. 


The program fees include workbooks and materials. Register online and you will be charged monthly. Your $50 yearly registration fee is non-refundable. You will be billed for the program beginning September 15th. Scholarships are available. Returning Spanish and Chinese students should keep their books, The First 1000 Words in Spanish or The First 1000 Words in Chinese. If replacement books are needed, the approximate cost is $15 – $30, payable to Orono Community Education.

Spanish Classes

Kindergarten – Grade 5

We welcome back our ULC Spanish teachers for the 17th year of this program offering comprehensive Spanish Language classes.  Children will be grouped by age, grade level and proficiency.


Grades Kindergarten – Grade 5

Sections will be formed based on student experiences and the schedule may vary due to the number of students enrolled.  Students wanting both Chinese and Spanish may register for both programs on opposite days.