We’re building excitement! Presale of Indoor Activities Center Memberships Now Open

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Teach a Class

We are always looking for new ideas! Share your skills and expertise with our community!

  • If you are interested in teaching a youth class, please contact Kim at kking@orono.k12.mn.us or 952-449-8352.
  • If you are interested in teaching an adult class, please contact Olivia at ogarrett@orono.k12.mn.us or 952-449-8338 ext. 6001.

Submit a proposal form to teach a youth or adult class:

Summer 2019 adult class proposal form – due January 14, 2019

If you would like to propose a youth summer camp/class, please send an email of interest to Kim at kking@orono.k12.mn.us.

Click here for current employment opportunities in Community Education.