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2018 YIG Model Assembly

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2018 YIG Model Assembly
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37 students in grades 8-12 represented the Orono delegation at the 64th annual YIG Model Assembly on January 4th-7th. Our students, along with nearly 1,500 others from across the state, gathered at the State Capitol and took on the role of legislators, lobbyists, judges, and journalists. The delegates debated bills, passed proposals, and sat on the jury for their court cases. Some even got their bills signed by the governor!

Andy Baran (12) served as President of the Knutson Senate. Caroline Koehl (12) served as Speaker of the Sanford House. Jane Guidera (12) was the Steering Committee Chair- SCEO Director. Anne Guidera (9) was elected to serve as Speaker of the Sibley House for next year’s conference.