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Orono Child Nutrition is happy to provide refreshments and/or meals for your group meetings and events.

How to order. Please place orders at least 2 weeks in advance using our our online ordering form. If you do not find the refreshments you desire, please contact the Child Nutrition Specialist at 952-449-8386 and we will work to provide the menu you need. Thank you for choosing Orono Child Nutrition.

Orono Schools Catering Menu

Breakfast Options

Breakfast Assortment
includes Dunn Brothers coffee & bottled water
$4 per person

Scones & Mini Loaves
assortment of scones and mini muffin loaves

Bagels & Spread
bagels with individual cream cheese cups

Donuts & Rolls
donuts and fresh baked cinnamon rolls

Ala Carte Options
Seasonal Fruit Cup $2
Yogurt Parfait $3
Apple or Orange Juice (bottles) $2
Milk Carton 50¢
Coffee $10 per gallon

Lunch Options

Individually packaged for easy grab-and-go service & minimal contact

Box Sandwich Lunch $8 each
includes deli sandwich, chips, & dessert
choice of ham or turkey with cheddar cheese

Box Salad Lunch $9 each
includes fresh salad, baked roll, & dessert
choice of chef salad or chicken caesar salad

Ala Carte Options
Sparkling Water/Soda $2
Bottled Water (10oz) 75¢
Gourmet Bars $12 per dozen
Cookies $9 per dozen