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What is Orono Action?

Orono Action is a nonpartisan committee of the Orono School Board with parent and community leadership that advocates for public education, specifically for the policies and funding that further the best educational outcomes for the students of our communities.

How can I participate?

If you wish to participate, please email us at

What does Orono Action do?

Orono Action advocates on behalf of our students by:

PrintDeveloping a legislative platform endorsed by the School Board that articulates our legislative priorities.

The current platform was endorsed by the School Board on January 27, 2020, and is detailed below or as a PDF.

1. Continue to increase the special education cross-subsidy aid. For Orono, the special education cross subsidy was ~$1.7 million for 2017-18.

2. Oppose diversion of taxpayer dollars from transparent, accountable public schools to non-public education through vouchers, tax credits and scholarships.

3. Refrain from enacting any new unfunded mandates and either fund or repeal existing unfunded mandates.

Communicating our priorities to the governor and local, state and federal legislators via email, phone and in person.

Collaborating with additional stakeholders such as individuals, community leaders and other legislative action committees to further our priorities.

Orono Action 2019-20 Committee Members

  • Amy Alworth, Co-chair
  • Emily Bremner Forbes, Co-chair
  • Sarah Borchers, Orono School Board Liaison
  • Martha Van de Ven, Orono School Board Liaison
  • Sandie Berger
  • Susi Forsans
  • Pamela Henjum
  • Nicole Kaufman
  • Michèle Kunz
  • Peter Vickery
  • Barb Whitney
  • Ali Howe