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School Board Committee Membership
January 2018 – January 2019 

Committee Name

Board Representative

Board Committees
Negotiations Bob Tunheim, Martha Van de Ven, Laura Wallander
Cocurricular Dick Lewis, Bob Tunheim
Facilities and Finance Mike Bash, Sarah Borchers, Dick Lewis
Board Policy Mike Bash, Sarah Borchers
Orono Action Steering Committee Sarah Borchers, Martha Van de Ven
Board Assignments / Liaison Work
Association of Metropolitan School Districts Board Martha Van de Ven, Sarah Borchers (alternate)
Community Education Advisory Council Martha Van de Ven, Laura Wallander
Curriculum and Accountability Council Mike Bash, Martha Van de Ven
Early Childhood Family Education Advisory Committee Laura Wallander
Educational Cooperative Service Unit Dick Lewis
Intermediate District #287 Michele Kunz
Middle School Parent Association Sarah Borchers
MN School Boards Association Local Legislative Liaison Martha Van de Ven
Minnesota State High School League Bob Tunheim
Orono City/School Communication Dick Lewis, Bob Tunheim
Orono Foundation for Education Sarah Borchers
Orono Healthy Youth Martha Van de Ven, Laura Wallander
Orono Ice Arena Board Dick Lewis
Parent Teacher Organization Laura Wallander
Special Education Parent Association Dick Lewis
Spartan Parent Association Mike Bash
Staff Development Laura Wallander, Sarah Borchers (alternate)
Teacher Meet and Confer Laura Wallander, Martha Van de Ven (alternate)
TIES Representative Mike Bash
Community Liaisons
Independence Sarah Borchers
Long Lake Mike Bash
Maple Plain Bob Tunheim
Medina Martha Van de Ven
Minnetonka Beach Laura Wallander
Orono Dick Lewis