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Our students will maximize their potential in life because of their experiences in Orono Schools.


Excellence: Encourage students, staff and administration to reach their highest levels of personal achievement.

Fortitude: Building qualities of courage, perseverance and resilience.

Relationships: Promote respectful and caring relationships.

Inclusion: Embracing diverse and unique needs, backgrounds, ideas and talents.

Global Perspective: Inspire learners to be engaged citizens in the modern world.

Stewardship: Demonstrate constant accountability through responsible planning and use of resources.

Strategic Goals


Through personalized and rigorous learning, students and staff will apply high levels of interdisciplinary knowledge across all content areas.


Students and staff members will understand and model core ethical values for a life of integrity.


Students and staff will engage in strong academic relationships.

Profile of an Orono Graduate

A graduate of the Orono Schools will engage in the lifelong pursuit of fulfillment, growth, and contribution to community and society by demonstrating:


  • Mastery of core academic content across all academic disciplines
  • Creative and critical thinking, problem solving, inquiry, and design of innovative solutions
  • Academic growth-mindset
  • Effective communication skills – Expressing thoughts, ideas, and emotions
  • Truth seeking
  • High expectations of self, encompassing high levels of engagement and commitment
  • Flexibility in thinking
  • Curiosity


  • Ethical citizenship leading to modeling positive character
  • Empathy, compassion, and respect for others
  • Grit, fortitude, resilience – Persists to accomplish difficult tasks and to overcome academic and personal barriers to meet goals
  • Humility, loyalty, gratitude, and forgiveness
  • Responsibly and ethically building trust
  • Self-awareness – Emotional acuity and self- confidence
  • Self-management – The ability to successfully regulate emotions, thoughts and behavior


  • Openness
  • Trust
  • Teamwork and collaboration – The ability to work interdependently to promote learning
  • Social awareness grounded in empathy
  • Knowledge of power and privilege
  • Global citizenship and cultural competence – acknowledging and understanding diverse perspectives and cultures
  • Leadership & followership