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Electronic Sign Guidelines

Please read these guidelines and then scroll down to complete the form below

The electronic sign, located in the northwest quadrant of the Old Highway 12-Old Crystal Bay Road North intersection, is under the auspices of the district’s Communications Office.

As an important communication tool, and one that is in high demand, there are guidelines that govern its use. Currently, City of Orono ordinances permit only one message per day. These guidelines assist in establishing the scheduling priority of all requests received.

Message requests fall into three categories. The categories are listed in priority order. The types of messages within each category are also listed in priority order.

Message requests fall into three categories:

Category I

  1. Emergency school information
  2. Recognition for significant achievements by students and staff
  3. Major school and Community Education events, i.e. open houses, conferences, concerts
  4. Major cocurricular events, i.e. state tournament participation, homecoming, Winterfest

Category II

  1. Instructional, classroom or statistical information
  2. Other events, i.e. parent group meetings (PTO, OMSPA, SPA), Alliance events, science and art fairs

Category III

  1. Youth sports accomplishments or registration announcements
  2. Local governmental messages
  3. Civic group messages that are of general benefit to the entire community


  1. Messages that are personal or for personal profit or gain
  2. Messages for political or religious functions



Sign Request Form

Please complete this form to submit a request to add a message to our electronic billboard
  • Requested Message


    You have 13 spaces for letters and punctuation per line.

    You must leave a blank box between words.

    Generally recognized abbreviations are acceptable, e.g., OHS, Ctr., Mon.

  • Requested Date(s)


    Except for emergencies, requests must be received five working days in advance of requested date(s).

    To keep readership high, sign messages are rarely displayed for more than 48 hours.



Please contact Gary Kubat, Director of Communications
(952) 449-8315