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Orono Schools is pleased to introduce Peachjar e-flyers, an eco-friendly way to receive information about school opportunities right to your email inbox. 

What you’ll see in your email inbox

Once a week, you will receive an email with district-approved e-flyers. The number of flyers will depend on timely opportunities from Community Education, District Communications, your child’s school, Orono Foundation for Education, or other internal groups. Flyers will have links at the top to learn more, sign up, email for more information, etc. 

The email will be from your child’s school building; for example, Orono High School. The from email is “” An example subject line is, “8 School Announcements and Opportunities for Your Child.”

Parents/guardians — no action needed on your part. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

“Flyerboard” on each school webpage

After the weekly email is sent from Peachjar, a “flyerboard” for each school is populated with thumbnails and links to view the flyer. You can view flyerboards here:

Who can send flyers through Peachjar?

Peachjar will not be open to outside community groups for advertising or solicitation. (If you are familiar with Peachjar from another school district, this may be a change from what you’ve seen before.) Peachjar is open to internal groups, including parent organizations (OFE, PTO, OMSPA, SPA).

If you have questions, please contact