School Board, technology on the ballot Election 2019

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Why does the district hold referendum elections in “off years?”

The district has held referendum votes in even years, such as the vote in 2016 during the presidential election. It has also held referendum votes in odd years in conjunction with the School Board election, such as this year.

Why are we voting on technology funding again?

The first technology levy was approved in 2002. Voters renewed that commitment in 2011. By state law, referendum requests approved by voters are in effect for 10 years (or less) and must be renewed at that time.

$21 million for technology?

The district, in its commitment to transparency, has provided the full amount that would be raised over the 10-year life of the technology levy if approved by voters. This is NOT the amount raised per year.

Why did the district’s polling place change? Are you trying to confuse voters?

A new state law required school districts to use city polling places unless their facilities were used in city/state/federal elections, which ours our not. On the other hand, voting before General Election Day became easier with fewer restrictions on absentee ballots and early voting with voting machines an entire week before General Election Day, including Saturday hours.

As a public school system, how well is Orono Schools performing?

Orono High School ranked fourth in Minnesota Orono and 378th of 17,245 high schools ranked nationwide by U.S. News & World Report in 2019. has ranked Orono Schools as one of top five school districts in Minnesota. That’s no small feat given that Minnesota is nationally recognized for the quality of its education.

How do I know the information I’m receiving is factual?

Any anonymous or questionable information should always be scrutinized. By law, any information distributed on behalf of a candidate or a ballot question must contain the disclaimer “Prepared and paid for by…” so you can determine the validity of the source. Without a proper disclaimer, you can reasonably assume the content is opinion.