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On November 8, 2016, residents of the Orono School District approved construction of an Indoor Activities Center adjacent to Orono High School.

To ensure the center is a vibrant addition enjoyed by community members of all ages and interests, the district created a Core Planning Group. The group, comprised of 26 community members and seven ad hoc members (see list below), met for the first time on January 4, 2017.

The Core Planning Group was charged with developing recommendations to the School Board about the layout and features of the 80,000-square-foot building, as well as the quality of the overall space and user experience.

The first CPG meeting was devoted to introductions and discussing initial criteria. At the second meeting, members toured similar facilities in other communities or school districts to discuss features they liked and didn’t like – and why.  “It’s not about finding the perfect facility to replicate,” said architect Vaughn Dierks of Wold Architects and Engineers, “but to see what others have done with similar facilities, what they would do differently and to determine what is appropriate for Orono.”

Additional CPG meetings focused on:

  • Developing preliminary criteria
  • Reviewing diagrams and floor plans
  • Finalizing criteria and plans

The group present a recommendation to the School Board on April 10, 2017. Ground was officially broken in August 2017, with completion anticipated by late fall of 2018.

Membership of Orono Schools Core Planning Group

The Core Planning Group is comprised of 26 community members and seven ad hoc members:

Community Members

  • Chris Barry
  • Jeff Brown
  • Stephen Byrnes
  • Chris Case
  • Gene Couser
  • Jenny Flansburg
  • Glen Gunderson
  • Kim King
  • Jan Guenther-Knutson
  • Joe McPherson
  • George Mileusnic
  • Ann Martin
  • Caleb Olson
  • Allen Overturf
  • Shelley Perkins
  • Steve Ruedisili
  • Kelly Shaughnessy
  • Jane Smith
  • Jake Streich
  • Bob Tunheim
  • Ben Veach
  • Paige Von Bank
  • Mike Wall
  • Jeff Weiland
  • Barry Wohler
  • Mitchell Wolff


Ad Hoc Members

  • Dave Benson, Orono High School principal
  • Melanie DeLuca, director of Community Education
  • Justin McCoy, coordinator of facilities and safety
  • Bucky Mieras, OHS activities director
  • John Morstad, director of business services
  • Dr. Karen Orcutt, superintendent of schools
  • Aaron Ruhland, director of learning and accountability