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Luke Mitchell Receives Grand Honors award from JHU

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Luke MitchellJohns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY) has recently honored Orono Intermediate School (IS) fifth-grader, Luke Mitchell, with the Grand Honors award. He also received further accolades as “one of the brightest students in the world.” CTY is an international program that identifies and recognizes the academic capabilities of advanced students around the world.

Luke is recognized for his exceptional performance on above-grade-level testing (such as the SAT, ACT or similar assessment) taken as part of the CTY Talent Search. He scored in the 99th percentile in math which qualified him for CTY’s highest honor. Luke was one of nearly 19,000 students from 84 countries who joined CTY in the 2020-21 Talent Search year. Fewer than 28 percent of those participants qualified for the CTY ceremony, receiving either high or grand honors based on their test scores.

Luke’s fifth-grade classroom instructor Mr. John Smith said, “Luke has a thirst for knowledge and an enthusiasm for learning that is sincere and infectious. He is a tenacious problem solver who uses mistakes as motivation to improve. Luke is a humble leader, fun to be around, well-liked by his peers and leads by example. I am so proud of all his accomplishments.”

Luke is also served by Orono Schools’ Challenge Coordinator, Ms. Jane Smith, who leads the elementary gifted and talented program. Ms. Smith said, “Luke is such a motivated and engaged mathematician. He can view the most challenging of problems as puzzles to be solved. He is always sharing this positivity with his peers and helping them see the ‘play’ in the work. He encourages others to look at things in a different way, and if it doesn’t work the first time, try again! Luke displays outstanding responsibility and independence within his advanced coursework, and these traits have supported him in his achievements. He is truly remarkable!”

Dr. Virginia Roach, CTY’s executive director, congratulated honorees during a virtual ceremony for earning top scores on their test. “Your results place you at the top of the top, and that is a great accomplishment,” Roach said, while adding that CTY’s Talent Search isn’t just about achievement – “It’s about promise.”

Honorees also qualified for CTY’s Online and On-Campus Summer Programs. CTY offers more than 250 online courses for advanced students in subjects including mathematics, computer programming, chemistry, physics, reading, and writing. There are more than 15,500 enrollments in CTY Online Programs courses each year. CTY will also host students at sites across the U.S. this year, including Johns Hopkins University, Loyola Marymount University, Seattle University and UC Santa Cruz, during its On-Campus Summer Programs.

About the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY)

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