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Update: Next Steps Toward In-Person Learning

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For the latest return-to-campus dates and other important details, please visit the “Learning Model Update” webpage. 

February 11, 2021

The district is sharing an update on our next steps for returning secondary students (grades 6-12) to campus for in-person learning. 

First, we have so enjoyed welcoming Orono students back to campus these past few weeks. Our students’ return has been based on rolling-start guidance from the Minnesota Department of Health. 

Between January 19 and February 1, students in grades PreK-5 were able to return to an in-person or distance learning model. On February 2, students in grades 6-9 and 12 were able to return in the hybrid learning model. On February 17, we will welcome back our final “band” of hybrid students in grades 10 and 11. We will also continue to support students who have elected distance learning second semester. 

Now, we are developing the next steps of our phase-in plan and will be seeking approval from our COVID-19 Incident Command Team, Regional Support Team, state epidemiologist, and the Orono School Board next week

After our meetings—and by the end of next week—we will communicate again with you regarding the outcome. It is our hope to gain approval for our plan and release phase-in dates for in-person learning at that time. 

In our current phase, we are delighted with the successful return of our staff and students to campus. We appreciate your patience while we have been working on details and approvals. We will continue to work on behalf of all Orono students.