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Orono Senior High School Students receive recognition in “The Stock Market Game”

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Students from Orono Senior High School recently received recognition for their outstanding performance in the Fall Session of The Stock Market Game™ (SMG).  These students all participated in SMG in Lisa O’Halloran’s class. 

Ted Kummel, Caleb Stephens, Colin Whittington, and Maria Williams took 2nd place in the High School Division in Minnesota. 


The SMG is a national, interactive learning program for students in grades 4-12. Students work in teams to invest a virtual $100,000 over a 14-week period, competing with other Minnesota students for the highest-valued portfolio.

“The Stock Market Game is unique because students are actually engaging in the stock market in real time. Students see the consequences of the financial choices they make, which allows them to understand the various factors that impact the market, encouraging ongoing research, and long-term planning,” said Stephanie Musgrove, Program Manager at BestPrep.

Each SMG team has access to online daily portfolio updates on their current holdings, brokerage fees, and team rankings. Students evaluate their portfolio on a regular basis, and throughout the session, they determine when to make new investments, hold onto existing investments, or sell their shares.

For the second year, SMG team fees were waived for Orono Senior High School thanks to support from Schwab Advisor Services and funding from Charles Schwab Foundation.

One teacher from this Fall commented, “There is no better way for the students to see the real-life impact of their decisions! This stock market game allows students to see how their money will be directly impacted by their decisions. This connects learning to real life and makes the experience as authentic as it can be….The Stock Market Game is the best resource for me to teach my students investing in an applicable, engaging, collaborative, authentic manner!”


The Fall Session of SMG concluded with an awards ceremony on January 9, hosted by the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. These Orono Senior High School students and other top-ranking teams from each age division were recognized.

The awards ceremony included a keynote message from Jay Robinson, Regional Vice President in Advisor Services for Charles Schwab. Ceremony guests also heard from Jael Kerandi, Carlson School student and the Student Body President at the University of Minnesota.

Both Robinson and Kerandi encouraged students to expand on their outstanding SMG performance and solidified the value of the SMG learning experience; Robinson invited students to consider career paths in financial services and connected Schwab’s tagline of “Own Your Tomorrow” to these students’ future opportunities, while Kerandi shared her own academic journey into business and finance and pushed students to explore and pursue their passions.

The SMG is run nationally by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) Foundation, with the Minnesota chapter of the program managed by BestPrep, a local non-profit. The program runs each school year with yearlong, fall, spring, and late spring sessions.

For more information about or to participate in The Stock Market Game, contact Stephanie Musgrove at 763.233.6328 or