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District grants tenure to 19 faculty members

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14 faculty members receiving tenure Front row, from left: Dr. Amy Steiner, Renae Von Kaenel, Shiow-Jen Sun, Kristen Rasmussen and John Twernbold.

Back row, from left: Rebecca Burnham, Jennifer Ivers, Sara Ibs, Virginia Enfield, Bryce Rasmussen, Maria Bacon, Alyssa Stamm, Dr. Jennifer Runck and Bryan Buzzard.

Not pictured: Kristen Huppler and Kirsten Vaage of OMS; Jennifer Stankevitz of OIS; and Kristina Just and Samantha Sadler of Schumann Elementary.

Nineteen Orono faculty members achieved tenure this school year. Formal acknowledgment of the honor was made in a ceremony during the November 12 School Board meeting.

Per Minnesota law, tenure is granted to new teachers after completing three successful years in a single district. Teachers who have achieved tenure elsewhere must complete one successful year before receiving tenure in their new district.

Faculty members honored during 2019-20 are:

Orono High School

  • Virginia Enfield, Mathematics Teacher
  • Sara Ibs, Social Studies Teacher
  • Jennifer Ivers, English Teacher
  • Bryce Rasmussen, Science Teacher
  • Dr. Jennifer Runck, Band Teacher
  • Dr. Amy Steiner, Principal
  • Shiow-Jen Sun, Chinese Teacher

Orono Middle School

  • Bryan Buzard, Social Studies Teacher
  • Kristen Huppler, English Teacher
  • Kristen Rasmussen, English Teacher
  • Kirsten Vaage, English Teacher

Orono Intermediate School

  • John Twernbold, Band Teacher
  • Renae Von Kaenel, Literacy Coach

Orono Schumann Elementary

  • Rebecca Burnham, First-Grade Teacher
  • Kristina Just, Second-Grade Teacher
  • Samantha Sadler, Second-Grade Teacher

Orono Special Education

  • Maria Bacon, Orono Middle School
  • Alyssa Stamm, Orono High School
  • Jennifer Stankevitz, Orono Intermediate School