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New school year starts for new staff members

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Group picture of new teachers

Instructional staff members new to Orono Schools began the new school year on Thursday, August 22, for two extra days of training. Returning staff members begin the year on Monday, August 26.

We welcome 21 new members to our faculty:

Orono Schumann Elementary

  • Molly Hautman, second-grade teacher

Orono Intermediate School

  • Abby Halloran, third-grade teacher
  • Ashley Hughes, fourth-grade teacher

Orono Middle School

  • Kelly Barnholdt, physical education/health teacher
  • Andrea Birkholz, physical education/health teacher
  • Daenon Bronken, seventh-grade English teacher
  • Kate Campbell, sixth-grade English teacher
  • Gwenda Dumbauld, sixth-grade science teacher
  • Taylor Houseman, seventh-grade mathematics teacher
  • William Madigan, seventh-grade science teacher
  • Lisa Treml, guidance counselor

Orono High School

  • Thomas Borrell, biology teacher
  • Kathryn Haagenson, guidance counselor

Special Services Department

  • Morgan Abbott, special education teacher
  • Shelby Iverson, early childhood special education teacher
  • Kyle Jensen, special education teacher
  • Molly Meyer, school psychologist
  • Dr. Julie Nelson, student support specialist
  • Brooke Neubauer, student interventionist
  • Jacqlyn Schultz, special education teacher
  • Jill Sowada, English Language Learners teacher