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Two Orono DI teams fare well in global finals

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Two Destination Imagination teams from Orono performed exceptionally well at the global finals, which were held May 22-25 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The team “Time Turners” placed 24th in the Service Learning Escape Artists Challenge (elementary level) and first among all Minnesota teams in that category. Members are, in alphabetical order, Gage Parrish (5), Audrey Robbins (3), Ava Robbins (5), Kayla Seely (5), Daniel Sherman (2) and Gabe Sherman (5). The team manager is Katy Sherman.

The team “Shooting Stars” placed 26th in Scientific Medical Mystery Challenge (elementary) and first among all Minnesota teams in that category. All of the members are fifth-graders: Oscar Bertram, Rosie Kingsley, McKenna Monger, Katherine Springmeyer and Ethan Tulkki. The team manager is Katie Monger.

More than 800 teams from 24 countries competed in the global competition. Destination Imagination is a project-based learning program designed to complement K-12 education. Annually, seven new academic challenges in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), fine arts, service learning and early learning are offered. In solving a challenge, students learn the creative process from imagination to innovation and the skills needed to thrive in school, their careers and beyond.

Both local teams placed first in regional competition and advanced to state on March 23. There, the Shooting Stars placed first and Time Turners third to advance to globals.

Picture of Orono DI team "Time Turners"

Members of Time Turners are, from left, Gabe Sherman, Daniel Sherman, Ava Robbins, Kayla Seely and Audrey Robbins.

Orono DI team Shooting Stars

Members of Shooting Stars are, from left, Rose Kingsley, Katherine Springmeyer, Oscar Bertram, Ethan Tulkki and McKenna Monger.