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Six OIS students medal on mythology exam

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National Mythology ExamSix Orono Intermediate School fourth-graders medaled in the National Mythology Exam. It is the second year OIS has participated in the competition.

Zach Henson and Evelyn Miller received Gold Medallions. Gage Parrish and Maggie Wallander received Silver Medallions. Rosie Kingsley and Katherine Springmeyer received Bronze Medallions.

Other students participating included Jem Benson, Axel Duke, Kaia Erickson, Marin Hunt, Emma Claire Kadue, Rory Kvern, Brynn Leibfried, Canon Lewis, Adrian Licursi, Owen Marks, Kiara Vaughan and Cole Wendling.

The National Mythology Exam is a rigorous test that requires students to have a strong understanding of myths, Roman names for mythological figures and general knowledge about ancient beginnings.

The competition is sponsored by Excellence Through Classics, a standing committee of the American Classical League, and is dedicated to promoting classics programs at the elementary and middle school levels. The exam is given to more than 10,000 students in approximately 400 schools throughout the United States and in several foreign countries.

Heidi Mohagen is the OIS Challenge teacher.

Six students with medals

OIS fourth-graders receiving medals in the National Mythology Exam are, from left: Zach Henson and Evelyn Miller, gold; Gage Parrish and Maggie Wallander, silver; and Katherine Springmeyer and Rosie Kingsley, bronze.