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To be a part of history, buy a paver today

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Orono Spartan Plaza Logo

In conjunction with the construction of the new Indoor Activities Center adjacent to Orono High School, Orono Schools is creating a new plaza. It will be located between the new center and the existing Pesonen Stadium. The plaza will offer spaces for the entire community to gather for outdoor activities hosted by the schools.

The new plaza will incorporate a distinct entrance to the stadium, new concession facilities and permanent restrooms. The centerpiece of Orono Spartan Plaza will be granite pavers that can be customized to celebrate Orono pride. Pavers are available in four styles and can be purchased to show your support, recognize a milestone, or to honor a classmate, friend, family member, teacher or coach who has made a difference in your life.

Not only will a paver make you a part of Orono history, it will also support Orono Schools now. Ten percent (10%) of every purchase will support the Orono Foundation for Education’s annual grant to Orono Schools. This grant provides funding for programs such as STEM curriculum, world languages, teacher training, and day-to-day classroom materials. The additional funding helps Orono Schools continue to be ranked among the country’s leading public schools.

The plaza was originally envisioned as a future project after the Indoor Activities Center was completed. With favorable construction bids for the center, approved by voters in 2016, the district is able to proceed with the plaza now. It is expected to be completed in time for the first home football game of 2018. The Indoor Activities Center is tentatively scheduled to open in December 2018.

Pavers will be sold only once and for a limited period of time. Don’t miss this opportunity to make a lasting impression!

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View of the entrance to Orono Spartan Plaza

The new plaza will incorporate a distinct entrance to the stadium, new concession facilities and permanent restrooms.

View of Orono Spartan Plaza from the inside

The new Orono Spartan Plaza will connect the Indoor Activities Center and Pesonen Stadium.