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Research & Assessment

Orono Schools strives to enact an accountability system that measures, evaluates and communicates learning at the individual student level. Standardized tests measuring student growth and achievement, classroom assessments, and surveys and data about student attitudes and behaviors all provide important information. Summative and formative measures of student performance are used, providing feedback to teachers and students on an ongoing basis and evaluating student performance at defined points in time.

The district strives to improve knowledge through research and to use data-based decisions to benefit students.   As part of the district continuous improvement process, success is measured for all district strategic goals and multiple data points are included in analysis and decision making. Buildings set annual goals for student achievement and, as part of the district Alternative Teacher Professional Pay System (ATPPS) plan,  a portion of teacher and administrator salary is based upon students reaching those goals.   
Assessment serves as a benchmark to evaluate and ensure that all students are progressing at an expected level and rate. The ultimate measure of success will be student preparation for and success in post-secondary education, work, and life. 
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