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Keep learning with Spartan Summer Reading

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What is Spartan Summer Reading?

Spartan Summer Reading is an at-home summer reading program for ALL Orono students in grades K-4.

  • Students who have completed kindergarten and first grade are challenged to read 50 books from a variety of genres over the summer.
  • Students in second through fourth grades are asked to read 6 chapter books.  

What kind of reading counts?

Students may read these books independently, with a parent or older sibling, or be read to by an adult. There is no minimum or maximum time required. Just fall in love with reading books! It’s important to note that 2 chapters equals 1 book for all Orono Schumann Elementary students.  

Why is summer reading so important? Why should ALL Orono elementary students take part?

Studies show that all young people experience learning losses when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer. There is a direct correlation between summer learning and academic achievement. Children who read over the summer can maintain the level of reading skills they achieved during the preceding school year. Reading every day leads to greater success!

What are the rewards for students meeting the reading goals?

Students at Orono Schumann Elementary and Orono Intermediate School who have read over the summer will be asked to turn in their Spartan Summer Reading book log to their new teacher in the fall of 2017. Students will then receive a certificate of achievement, as well as a new book of their choice!  

How do we take part in Spartan Summer Reading?

Keep track of summer reading on the Spartan Summer Reading book log, which your child will bring home during the last week of school. Keep this book log in a safe place, because your child will turn it in to his/her new teacher when they return to school in the fall.

What do we do if we lose the Spartan Summer Reading log?

Go to the Orono Intermediate School page on the Orono website. There you will see a link that leads you to a printable copy of the book log.

We look forward to celebrating summer reading with your child!