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Transportation is managed through Business Services. Questions should be directed to 952-449-8309.

Due to safety concerns, students are not allowed to walk to or from school, ride bicycles or ride home with anyone other than their parents or parents’ designee. Students will not be permitted to ride buses other than the one assigned without written permission from the office. Bus passes are not available for birthday parties, play activities or sleepovers.

Bus passes may be issued to students, as room permits, at the discretion of the building principal or designee. Passes are to be presented to the bus driver upon entering the bus. Reasons for which bus passes may be issued include child care, family emergency and activities such as dance/music lessons, medical/dental appointments, and Scout/religious events.

Our buses do not travel into cul-de-sacs. A school bus requires 115 feet to safely turn. Most cul-de-sacs do not have this much room, particularly in the winter and/or when other vehicles are parked in the cul-de-sac. As a result, going into a cul-de-sac requires a bus to back up. This is extremely dangerous and, with our priority of keeping students safe, a practice we want to avoid whenever possible.

Building transportation decisions are guided by the Student Transportation Safety Policy (#709).

If you are looking for a lost and found item, or a late bus, please contact the bus terminal at 952-475-0038.

Additional information can be found on each building’s transportation page:

Schumann Elementary

Intermediate School

Middle School

High School


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